Japanese Castle

Made on commission this castle is defifinately the biggest model I have ever built, and one of the most complicated.

Full post and details can be found here:


Yes yes I know, but I am still learning about wordpress etc!

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Ruined Tower.

Here are a couple of pics of a ruined tower I built, it is only undercoated grey as the person it was built for wished to do the finishing off himself.


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Temple take 2, well in 6mm

Same Temple, so far sans pillars but they are in progress. The smudgy metal bits are 6mm romans from Rapier Miniatures, excellent figures, but surpassing my photographic skills at this time.


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Romano/Celtic Temple

Images from its start to its finish, ideas taken from Guy De La Bedoyere’s book ‘The Buildings of Roman Britain’ a treasure trove of ideas for terrain builders.

 It’s sized for use with 28mm figures. (more…)

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